Thursday, September 17, 2009

We are having a baby! :-)

Dan and I are going to have a baby in 2010!!! I am 12 weeks along this week. I've been extremely tired and sick. Lost 5 pounds! We got to see our baby a few weeks ago. It was so exciting and neat. My mom got to be there with us too. We are due April 6th...enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Dad and Dan talking about the buildings and river

Tybee Island lighthouse

Bridge over Savannah River to get to South Carolina

Dan and I on the boat

Tug boat

My mother and me

We rode this riverboat up the Savannah River

Flag flying on back of the Queen Riverboat

Candy Kitchen--was amazing

My parents, Dan, and I went to Savannah while my parents were visiting us in Georgia in June. We also went to Tybee Island where we saw two dolphins in the water!!! We had a great time and Savannah is a wonderful place! I recommend it to everyone for travel.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jekyll Island-One year Anniversary

Dan and I standing in front of the ocean.

The historic lighthouse on St. Simon's Island.

Lighthouse again.

Standing on beach after collecting shells.

Dan and I on our balacony.

At the historic fort on St. Simon's.

The view of the ocean from our balacony.

Dan checking out this huge tree on the lawn outside an old church building.

The trees on the coast line. Think the wind has had an affect on them.

Us riding in our electric car.

The entrance to the island.

Dan wearing shorts and shoes (not boots) on the beach!

Me hanging out in our car waiting for Dan to get done with taking pictures.

You can see the bridge in the distance. You cross this to get to St. Simons Island.

On St. Simon's Island. Jekyll is the one in the distance that is getting rained on.

Can't believe it's been a year, but time has flown by. Dan and I went to Jekyll Island, GA. It is right off the east coast and is one of the Georgia isles. Lucky us, there was a Whataburger in Brunswick before exiting for our island so we had dinner there the first night, breakfast there Sunday morning, and lunch there Monday on our way home. Jekyll Island has a huge turtle haven where they help injured turtles or endangered turtles. We didn't actually go to the place on the island to check them out, but Dan ran over a turtle on our way to the mainland one evening. So glad no one was behind us! He missed the second one on the road. Anyway, the island was small and not very busy which was nice. No good places to eat though except the little ice cream place. We rented a 4 seater electric charge car our last day. It was fun at 25 miles an hour. Whoo-hoo! Here are some of the pictures from our trip! Happy 1 year Daniel! (maybe next year we can go somewhere I can see what is in the ocean :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parents 33rd annivarsary! I am very blessed to still have my parents living and still married. I miss them both very deeply. They are some of my best friends and moving to Georgia was hard b/c I was leaving them. They have both supported, loved, and guided me through my journey in life thus far. I miss them dearly and wish them a blessed and happy day!
Love you mom and dad...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tornados in February in Georgia???

We had a bad storm last week that resulted in a few tornados. They hit down about 6-8 miles north of our house. Dan's uncle David and his family were hit. They were able to safely make it into their basement as the storm blew through. You can see the HUGE uprooted trees and damage to their fields/sheds/barns. They have damage to their back porch, broken glass, and a few other things. Several people lost their homes, animals, etc. Several people lost their lives.

Meet our Honey

First day home

Chilling on her daddy's back

Playing with toys with Junior

Trying to get what is in Junior's mouth

Junior chasing Honey

On the front porch

Sleeping soundly at her new home

Sitting on mom's lap

Stealing mom's seat

Sitting in dad's lap

While a lot of my girlfriends are having babies, I got a puppy! Daniel and I searched online and pound some places online where dogs are in shelters/pounds/foster homes. We called a couple and the dogs we wanted to see had already been adopted. One of the people we talked to mention a female almost three months old, half lab/half golden retriver mix. I wasn't really sure b/c she looked so big in the photos. BUT once we saw her we had to have her. We got her Valentine's Day and she is so much fun. She and Junior play all the time. She gets to come in for a few hours in the evening and play with her daddy and sometimes take a short nap with him. Then we kiss her goodnight and put her on the back porch. Dan is almost done building our fence so she and Junior can stay in there during the day when we are gone. She loves to dig, bark at the wind, and play with her food. We named her Honey b/c of the color of her coat. She is a perfect fit and we are very happy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Farming Debut

Well I am finally over being sick and feeling the need to blog again. I wanted to share my farming debut with you. It will make you laugh when you view the video clips. Who knew I would be driving a tractor one day! It was fun and Dan was proud of me. Hopefully next time I get off the tractor I won't be standing in an ant mound and get bites all over my feet!!!